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Hazardous waste management

  • Industrial waste
  • Handling of various chemicals
  • Liquidation of ecological accidents 24/7
  • Chemical industry waste management
  • Medical waste management
  • Emergency response (spill, traffic accidents, etc.)

  • We offer various services in waste management

  • Grease Trap services
  • Maintenance of oil traps
  • Cleaning of contaminated tracks
  • Washing of various contaminated tanks with oil products with chemicals
  • Handling of animal by-products

  • Sales

  • Sorbents (various)
  • Various chemicals for waste management
  • Grease treatment plants

  • About us

    We carry out collection, loading and transportation of toxic and non-toxic waste. We provide waste management services to companies, organizations, manufacturers, importers, municipalities, regional waste management centers, residents and anyone whose activities or households produce waste. The collected waste is sorted, stored and / or transferred for further recycling or export.

    We manage
    different types of waste
    ATVR kodas: REOBJ0015674

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